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Top 20 Father's Day Quotes for WhatsApp | BestRoyalStatus.Blogspot.Com

The most important thing in the world is family and love. John Wooden

Dads are stone skimmers, mud wallowers, water wallopers, ceiling swoopers, shoulder gallopers, upsydownsy, over-and-through, round-and-about whooshers. Dads are smugglers and secret sharers.

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, "You’re tearing up the grass." "We’re not raising grass," Dad would reply. "We’re raising boys." -- Harmon Killebrew

My dad is my best friend, my father, and my boss. When I do something that is exciting and he likes it, it feels three times as good as you can imagine. – David Lauren

“To be a successful father there’s one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don’t look at it for the first two years.” — Ernest Hemingway

“Becoming a father, I think it inevitably changes your perspective of life. The simplest things in life are completely satisfying.” — Hugh Jackman

There will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us. One of those men is my father. – Alison Lohman

There is no grandfather who does not adore his grandson.Victor Hugo

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.”- Jewish Proverb

Dad, you've always been the coolest like all those times you said "Yes" when Mom said "No". 

“A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.” - Knights of Pythagoras

The Father of the righteous has great joy, whoever fathers a wise child delights in him – Proverb

I don’t expect the human race to progress in too many areas. However, having a child with an ear infection makes one hugely grateful for antibiotics.

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