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Top 25 Positive Quotes In English | Positive Status

“When your intuition is strong, follow it.”― Lolly Daskal

“Do not allow your inner doubts to keep you from achieving what you can do.”― Lolly Daskal

“Focus on how far you have come in liferather than looking at the accomplishments of others.”― Lolly Daskal

“A bad life doesn't justify bad behavior. It's time to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for your own actions. You have control of your life from here.”― Blaque Diamond

“The good news is that opportunities for love enter our lives unpredictably, whether or not we’ve perfected self-compassion or befriended our inner critic.”― Sharon Salzberg

“1,440 minutos para regalar una palabra positiva de aliento a alguien más.”― Lara-Hugs

“The fun part is finding which thoughts, in that crazy beehive of emotion, are the ones that mass produce the honey.”― Curtis Tyrone Jones

“Self-assurance reassures others and reassures yourself.”― Lolly Daskal

“The worst enemy of our humanity is our self-doubt.”― Lolly Daskal

“When we allow negative messages to fester in our head, they take on a life of their own.”― Lolly Daskal

“We are all protagonists, each and every one of us.”― Dalton Frey

“Be an empowertarian. A person who empowers their own life and that of others.”― Catherine Jane Fisher

“Don’t let any situation intimidate you, defeat you, or conquer you. you are stronger and smarter than anything that challenges you.”― Lolly Daskal

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