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Top 99 Positive Attitude Quotes

“Mindfulness gives freedom from negative and fixed mindset to positive and growth mindset.”

“Shout out to everyone transcendinga mindset, mentality, desire, belief,emotion, habit, behavior or vibration,that no longer serves them.”

“Just becauseyou feel lostdoesn't meanthat you are.Sometimes youjust have to relax,breathe deep,and trust the pathyou're on.”

“It is not so much about fighting against the ego; it is more about harmonizing with it.”

“Life is not judged just by the heart beats, but by the way you accept and overcome the challenges of life.”

“Keep making a difference out there! Don't let the noise around you distract you from listening to the voice within you.”

“If you take society’s definition of knowing oneself, you will become lost in the many translations.”

“What you need, is an Event, to remember for a lifetime.”

“You really don't have to subscribe to the life that had been written for you.”

“Don’t settle for living mediocre. Focus on all the positive and embrace it. Ignore the negative and be thankful for every single day.”

“The taller you stand, the more possibilities you see.”

"with hope, you can survive any shock.”

“You can't reach your potential by remaining in a past due season. Your breakthrough is coming. Strongholds are breaking. Get Ready!”

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