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“Now beggars can be choosers with Cosmic Ordering.” 
“Time is the wisest counselor of all, but Cosmic Ordering is the biggest provider.” 
“Wealth is a by-product of Cosmic Ordering.” 
“Change your life! Wake up and smell the Cosmic Ordering success.” 
“Every opportunity, every influence and affluence you possess, could not have been for you alone, but to act as a platform to impact a generation.” 
“The truth is that there is opportunity right now in your present day. Every day offers its own set of golden opportunities.” 
“We need to ask ourselves if we are passive spectators in life as we watch it simply go by or are we ready to grab the bull by its horns and join in the action.” 
“If you are lucky you will have the opportunity in your life to be owned by a good piece of land.” 
“Pause and remember: It is through our deepest trials and life hardships that we are given the greatest opportunity to find the person we have been looking for our whole life - our authentic beautiful self.” 
“Change is your gateway to opportunity, opportunities will lead you to a new and fulfilling life.” 
“Where there is a risk, there is a wealth.” 
“Living life without a goal is like sailing the sea without a compass.” 
“Where can you find opportunities? Dissect your excuses and you will find opportunities in abundance.” 
“Dear God, I don’t ask for fame and fortune but for an opportunity to embrace many. I don’t ask you to make my life perfect but full of love. With every mistake I make, or with any success I have, I ask to feel your grace along the way, for the rest of my life. In Jesus’s name, amen.” 

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