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Best 99 Cool Quotes In English | BestRoyalStatus.Com

Life is short. Let’s enjoy the small things in your life. Stay happy and keep smiling.

Work for a cause, Not for applause, live life to express, Not to impress, Don’t strive to make your presence notice, Just try to make your absence felt.

The Only Reason I Am Fat Because A Tiny Body Couldn’T Store All This Personality.

 I Don’T Have An Attitude Problem. I Just Have A Personality That You Can’T Handle.

 Put Me Second And I’Ll Make You Nonexistent.

I Salute All My Hater With My Middle Finger.

Self Confidence Is The Best Outfit, Rock It & Own It.

Sugar Factories Are Situated Under Girls Fb Statuses

Anyone Can Be Cool, But Awesome Takes Practice.

 My Every Status Is A Silent Message To Someone.

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